Our Team

Our mission

We aim to take the stress off of parents during their child's birthday by delighting the children with games and laughter.

Sadie johnson

Hello fellow sea friends, I am Mermaid Sadie and I love to swim.  I am twenty years old and attend college. When not swimming around I can often be found working as a lifeguard at the Spring Lake Aquatic Center and am Red Cross certified in CPR, AED, and First-Aid. So fear not if your young one is needs help. Disney movies have a special place in my heart, and I have been fascinated with mermaids since I was a little girl. I love helping other young girls feel the same curiosity and amazement towards mermaids that I have felt since I was young. 

Sam ventocilla

Hi there! I'm Sam Ventocilla, a perfectly average but above-ground human. I'm the man behind the lens and help to take care of behind-the-scenes work. While I don't pretend to have gills or a tail, I work to provide the children with an awesome, fun-filled time. When I'm not swimming with Mermaid Sadie, I can be found working towards a computer engineering major-or better yet, out on the lake! I love being around kids and seeing their faces light up, which is why Sadie and I have coached two girls' TCYSO soccer teams together.