Can mermaid sadie walk in her tail?

Mermaid Sadie can't walk in her tail. She almost always has a helper come and carry her.

Can mermaid sadie swim?

What mermaid can't swim? Mermaid Sadie loves to swim, she was born in Lake Michigan after all ;)


Do you entertain at parties and events without a pool?

Yes, we love to entertain at dry parties. We have some special crafts to do with the children.


How heavy is mermaid Sadie's tail?

The tail flops onto the scale at a whopping thirty five pounds!


Do you travel?

Certainly! We will travel anywhere. There is no travel free for any party or events within 25 miles of the Spring Lake Aquatic Center. If you're outside of that area contact us and we will let you know what your travel fee will be.


What are some common questions that kids ask you?

How do you go to the bathroom? (In a shell)
Where do you live? (In Lake Michigan)
What do you eat? (Sushi and sea kelp)
How did you get here? (I was resting on the Grand Haven beach and heard about your event/birthday party)
Are you a real mermaid? (Are those real legs? *kids typically hide their legs after this question*)