Hello friends!

We are Great Lakes Mermaid Society. We are a group of professional mermaid performers in the lovely state of Michigan. Together we will spread the message of how vital our waters of the Great Lakes are to us and future generations. Through our professionalism, fierceness, and confidence together we will bring change to the Great Lakes region through our mermaid image.

  Protect our Water Wonderland! 

We are Michigan's leading quality Mermaid Entertainment.

With our 7,800 gallon mobile tank you can book us for your Festivals, fairs, special events, aquariums, corporate event decor, hotel entertainment, business promotion, advertising projects, trade shows, country club events, live decor, underwater models, surprise beach sightings, boat show models, unique wedding and proposals, photo ops, promotional models, charity events, kids events, circus sideshows, meet n greets, photo shoots, promotional events and more!


Preserving our natural freshwater resources is a vital effort, and the festival is dedicated to promoting efforts to “Protect our Water Wonderland”! Delivering this critical message through the growing mermaid fantasy phenomenon amplifies its effectiveness, as the we are uniquely positioned to promote public awareness of the challenges our Great Lakes ecosystem face.  Mermaid folklore integrates a blend of imagination and science that supports the preservation imperative.

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