Mermaids from around the world will gather in South Haven, Michigan June 14th and 15th 2019 to  join the fun - becoming a mermaid is easy for this event does not require you to get wet!  Just make or buy a costume!

  Protect our Water Wonderland! 

There are many other fun activities throughout the entire weekend for old and young alike.  And it's not just for mermaids -mermen and merkids, along with sailors and nefarious pirates, will be everywhere! 

Fun for the whole family - Mermaids love to vacation in fresh water because even the pirates don’t use salty language.

More information coming soon!


Preserving our natural freshwater resources is a vital effort, and the festival is dedicated to promoting efforts to “Protect our Water Wonderland”! Delivering this critical message through the growing mermaid fantasy phenomenon amplifies its effectiveness, as the festival is uniquely positioned to promote public awareness of the challenges our Great Lakes ecosystem face.  Mermaid folklore integrates a blend of imagination and science that supports the preservation imperative.


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