About Mermaid Megafest

Mermaid MegaFest is a global festival of mermaids and mermen, dedicated to the preservation of our planet’s aquatic ecosystem. Preserving our natural freshwater resources is a vital effort. Revealing the underwater realm raises awareness, which is the foundation of support for embracing sustainable practices necessary to protect our beautiful waters.

Enveloping this critical message within the growing mermaid fantasy phenomenon amplifies its effectiveness. Young and old, people embrace stories about mythical creatures.  They serve as effective pathways to open otherwise reluctant minds.  Mermaid folklore integrates a blend of imagination and science that supports the preservation imperative.

This festival will take place in the beautiful town of South Haven, Michigan.

**Mermaid MegaFest 2018 is an all volunteer-based effort - but some partners require payment. We are in urgent need of financial support to arrange an Official Judge for our Guinness World Records Official Attempt for the Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Mermaids.**

The world record attempt is all about gaining visibility for our important cause,
'Protect our Water Wonderland'